Coleridge Initiative

About Us

Who We Are

The Coleridge Initiative is a not-for-profit organization, originally established at New York University, that is working with governments to ensure that data are more effectively used for public decision-making. We achieve this goal by working with government agencies to create value for the taxpayer from the careful use of data, by building new technologies to enable secure access to and sharing of confidential microdata, and by training agency staff to acquire modern data skills.

democratizing data
Learn more about our founders' vision for better use of administrative data for making informed policy decisions.

The Coleridge Vision

Our goal is to change the empirical foundation of social science, statistical and public agencies in the United States, and transform the understanding of how our society works. We are a fast-growing startup that has already created dozens of pilot projects, worked with more than 250 agencies—federal, state and local—and more than 650 agency staff.

Coleridge developed out of our founders’ vision for a program that trains data analysts how to better use administrative data for making policy decisions. Our team is led by world renowned experts—Rayid Ghani, Robert Goerge, Frauke Kreuter, and Julia Lane—and we are building new technologies housed in a secure computational research platform, the Administrative Data Research Facility, to promote access and discovery of sensitive and confidential microdata. Those technologies are combined with training programs and consulting services to build agency capacity to serve society.