Coleridge Initiative

Secure Platform

Administrative Data Research Facility

The Coleridge Initiative’s Administrative Data Research Facility (ADRF) provides a FedRAMP moderate secure environment in AWS GovCloud to host confidential data.   It was established by the Census Bureau to inform the decision making of the Commission on EvidenceBased Policy making, and won a government innovation award. It has Authorization to Operate from the US Census Bureau and US Department of Agriculture.

The ADRF follows the “five safes” framework to protect data, and has hosted over 100 confidential datasets from federal, state and local government agencies, as well as academic researchers.   Data providers can host their data in the environment and track access and use using the ADRF Data Stewardship app.  The Rich Context project is building a platform that will enable empirical analysts to search for and discover datasets, starting with USDA and NSF datasets.  



Our scalable cloud infrastructure is built on Kubernetes, which provides a reliable and consistent user experience with dedicated computing resources.

Rich Context

Easily discover relationships between datasets, publications, researchers, and topics, along with annotations and comments at all levels.


The ADRF security module ensures that data security and confidentiality are enforced on 5 levels: settings, people, projects, data, and outputs.

Data Stewardship

Rich workflows to support the data access request and approval process, user-generated metadata moderation, data access control, and reporting.

Data Ownership

Data owners retain ownership throughout interaction with ADRF and maintain full control over how their data is accessed and managed.


Teams are provided with a shared project workspace designed for collaboration which includes a shared filesystem, database, and chat application.

Safe Data Strategy

Safe People

Approved, trained researchers

Safe Projects

Approved projects consistent with agency mission

Safe Data

Only the minimum data required for a project is made available

Safe Settings

Only access data in a secure environment

Safe Outputs

Review to limit disclosure before data are released

Result in Safe Use

The combination of these controls leads to safe use.