Data Hashing Application

We’ve developed a stand-alone Windows application to simplify the hashing of data prior to being transmitted to the Coleridge Initiative. The application guides the user through several options to define the source file and columns to be hashed and specifiy how the new data file is created.

Operating SystemFilenameDownload
Microsoft Windows 10ADRFHasher.ZIPADRF Hasher Download
Microsoft Windows 7ADRFHasherWin7.ZIPADRF Hasher Windows 7 Download
After downloading the ZIP file double-click it to extract the executable file. Run that file (by double-clicking it) to start the ADRF Hasher application.

Source File

After accepting the End User License Agreement you are presented with the first of two screens. Here you can browse to and select your source data file to be hashed, select the delimiter used and indicate if a header row is includeded in the file.

Click “Next” to adbvance to the second screen.

Target File

Here you will select the name and location of the hashed file to be created. The default delimiter will be a double-pipe “||”.

For columns that need to be hashed click the “Hash” checkbox next to each column and indicate the “Hash Type”

You may optionally indicate if any of the source file columns should be excluded from the target file. The header names may also be changed, if necessary.

Click “PreScan”. This simply scans the source file for any structural or data errors without creating a hash file. If this scan is successful you may then click “Process” to generaste the hashed target file.