File Permission Error

Why am I getting a “permission denied” error when trying to save files in a shared folder?

By default, when a user creates new files and folders, the Workspace will set their access permission as read only for other team members, even though they are created in the shared folder.

A “permission denied” error would occur when saving a file if:
  • The file permission does not allow group members to change content; or
  • The container folder does not allow group members to change content

In order to identify the source of the issue, open the file explorer (see Explore your Workspace) and right click on the file or the container folder and click Properties. A dialog window will open. Click con the Permissions tab.

File Permission Properties

If the Change content is set to Only owner or Nobody, you have identified the source of the issue.

Next, identify the file’s or folder’s Owner and its Group membership on the top of that dialog window.

If the Group value is the same as the Owner, please ask the owner to follow the above steps and update the Change content option to Anyone. Otherwise, ask them to update the Change content option to Only owner and group.