Accessing the Workspace

If you are a member of a project that has been fully approved, you will be given access to that project in the ADRF Workspace, which is a remote desktop environment. You can sign into your workspace directly at You can also launch a workspace from inside of the ADRF web app.

Sign in from the workspace page

In your web browser, navigate to This link will bring you to the log in screen.

Please click the sign in button and enter your ADRF credentials:

  • Username: this field accepts your username for the system or the email address associated with your user account.
  • Password: please enter the password you set when creating your account for the ADRF.

Clicking the log in button will bring you to the next step. Now you need to get your access token for the two factor log in.

Please go to your phone and open the app you installed such as Duo Mobile and find the access token. Enter the 6 digit code into the One-Time code field and click log in as pictured below.

In a next step you will be brought to a screen where you can select the project you want to log in for. The application will display all projects in the ADRF you are a member of and are authorized to access data associated with that project and research purpose outlined in the data use agreement you signed.

After you select the project and confirm the selection, the system will prepare your workspace. This might take some time. A progress bar will give you an estimate of remaining time to workspace creation and successful login.

Launch from the web app

You can also launch a workspace from the ADRF web app ( The sign in process is the same as outlined above. Once inside the application you see a “Workspaces” panel as shown below. Click the Launch Workspace and you will be taken to a project selection screen like the one shown above. Select your project and the workspace will be prepared and launched.