Explore your Workspace

Once you log in successfully you will be able to see your workspace and interact with the applications provided for you in the workspace. By default, you will be presented with a welcome page that has links to helpful resources.

You can find shortcuts to open the software provided for you. If you close or minimize this window, you will find a familiar desktop which also contains shortcuts to your applications, as well as a few other links and scripts used for the export process.

In order for members of a research group or team to effectively collaborate and share code, project workspaces are created for each project team. Specifically, there is a shared folder in the ADRF environment to which only the members of the research team have access. In the lower left corner you can open the file manager. This will open to your home folder in the ADRF.

Only you have access to your home folder. You will also see a shared folder which is your workspace for the specific project you are working on. The shared folder is accessible to all members of your team and the recommended location for placing data and code that are to be used by the entire group.