Coleridge Initiative

Government Agencies

The Coleridge Initiative staff work with government agencies to help support their evidence-based policy making at the federal, state and local levels. Collaborating agencies use the ADRF to provide secure access to confidential data and Applied Data Analytics training to increase staff capacity to work with data. Agencies that collaborate with us will have access to:

  • Secure Hosting: Securely host administrative records and related data through the Administrative Data Research Facility (ADRF).  
  • Stewardship: Manage workflows, approve projects, monitor data access and use, and generate stakeholder reports. 
  • Training: Grow your agency’s capacity through training in advanced analytic techniques.
  •  Community Practice: Grow your connections by networking with other agencies and states for approved projects.

Government Collaborators

We have partnered with dozens of government agencies all around the country to train employees on data analytics methods and to develop projects that aid in solving societal problems. Some significant projects that have been developed through our training programs and collaborations include the Multi-State Post-Secondary Feedback Report and the Unemployment to Reemployment Dashboard as seen on our Featured Data Products section. 

If your government agency is interested in becoming a Collaborator with the Coleridge Initiative, please contact our staff at [email protected] 

States Collaborating with the Coleridge Initiative

Administrative Data Research Facility (ADRF)

The ADRF is a secure computing platform designed to support federal, state and local government agencies that wish to share and analyze confidential datasets. It was established by the Census Bureau with funding from the Office of Management and Budget to inform the decision-making of the Commission on Evidence-Based Policy. The ADRF provides a secure platform to host confidential micro-data, serving as a trusted partner for data providers and analysts. It is designed to promote collaboration, facilitate documentation, and provide information about use to data stewards. By doing this, the ADRF accelerates data-drive research and policy around human beings and their interactions, for program management, policy development and scholarly purposes. For more information, visit our ADRF page.

ADRF image


The Applied Data Analytics (ADA) curriculum is developed in conjunction with federal, state, county and local government entities. The curriculum is designed to train government employees and public policy analysts how to tackle important policy problems. To learn more about how we can work together to increase the capacity of governments to make more efficient and effective decisions, read Change Through Data: A Data Analytics Training Program for Government Employees, written by three of the Coleridge Initiative directors (Frauke Kreuter, Rayid Ghani, and Julia Lane).

All work takes place in our secure platform (ADRF) where participants learn through project-focused approaches that show them how to apply modern computational and data analysis methods and tools to actual confidential data.

Classes are taught using the second edition of the textbook Big Data and Social Science: A Practical Guide to Methods and Tools, edited by three of the Coleridge Initiative directors (Rayid Ghani, Frauke Kreuter and Julia Lane). 

To see some of our previous programs and sample projects, visit our Training page.