Providing a secure platform where users connect to relevant datasets for policy research using confidential micro-data.


The Administrative Data Research Facility (ADRF) provides a secure platform to host confidential micro-data. The ADRF is designed to promote collaboration, facilitate documentation, and provide information about use to data stewards. See our whitepapers for a more thorough description of ADRF components.


The ADRF has hosted almost 50 confidential government datasets from 12 different agencies at all levels of government. The ADRF has received Authorization to Operate from the Census Bureau, has achieved a FedRAMP Moderate approval and is listed on the FedRAMP Marketplace.



Safe People

approved, trained researchers

Safe Settings

only access data in a secure environment

Safe Projects

approved projects consistent with agency mission

Safe Outputs

review to limit disclosure before data are released

Safe Data

only the minimum data required for a project is made available

Result in Safe Use