Providing a secure platform where users connect to relevant datasets for policy research using confidential micro-data.


The Administrative Data Research Facility (ADRF) provides a secure platform to host confidential micro-data. The ADRF system has been granted FedRAMP moderate pre-authorization and is designed to scale to different amounts and types of use. The ADRF is not just a single configuration of computing resources. Instead, it provides a set of data analysis components that can be combined in different ways, within the secure ADRF boundary, to meet a wide range of analytical needs. From traditional statistical analysis of data, to configurations that could be used to combine heterogeneous data. This technical flexibility, combined with our user, project, and data set management tools, allow for a given instance of the ADRF to securely and nimbly serve diverse data, analytical, and security needs.



Safe People

approved, trained researchers

Safe Settings

only access data in a secure environment

Safe Projects

approved projects consistent with agency mission

Safe Outputs

review to limit disclosure before data are released

Result in Safe Data