Coleridge Initiative

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Idea - explain scope of Coleridge

There doesn’t seem to be any explanation on how the three arms of Coleridge work together… 

This graphic is just a concept, a potential starting point to think about how to show users the scope of working with Coleridge: putting data in the ADRF, then participating in trainings, then contributing to research projects.

Idea - show growth of training programs

This gif shows the growth of the training programs but I think it needs a bit of work in terms of presentation, perhaps more like the image below with the numbers in orange.

Depending on the direction of the homepage, this might make more sense on the training landing page.

Improved layout of gif

Would like to see the gif above in a better layout, so the numbers really stand out as the growth is tallied.

Explanation scope of Coleridge - this shouldn't be used on the site, it's just a concept for iteration


You own your data. We host your data. You decide how your data is used and shared.

Training Program

Equip your employees with the skills to analyze data and  make better decisions.

Research Projects

Help develop shared research agendas, and securely combine data sets for approved projects.


Unlock the power of your data to make data-driven decisions for a better world.