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Rich Context

Rich Context project is  a new platform that enables empirical analysts to search for and discover datasets. The challenge that empirical researchers face is that, for a given dataset, it is difficult to find out who has worked with the data before, what methods and code were used, and what results were produced.

The amount of data is increasing… something to address image on left…

Unemployment to Reemployment Portal

States in the Midwest Collaborative are working across state borders to create real-time labor market information that is critical for local pandemic response. This interactive tool draws in the latest de-identified UI claims data, processed through the secure ADRF environment. Through visualizations, state staff can:

  • Easily identify which local labor markets and categories of workers are being hardest hit,
  • Estimate the economic impacts of job loss, and
  • Describe the demographic, education, industry, and occupational characteristics of UI claimants.
Unemployment Insurance Claims Dashboard

Multi-State Post Secondary Dashboard

The Multi-State Post Secondary Dashboard will empower states to better understand the employment outcomes of individuals who participated in their State’s education programs. The information presented in the dashboard will inform state decision-making in education and workforce policy by providing employment outcome measures from multiple states’ workforce data.

Kentucky Postsecondary Graduate Outcomes by Credential Level: Five years post graduation, includes all Kentucky graduates that were employed within Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, or Tennesee from academic year 2013

The two primary goals of the prototype Multi-State PSFR dashboard are to demonstrate the value of: (1) combining administrative data from multiple States as introduced above, and (2) standardized data models in reproducing analyses across State lines.