Coleridge Initiative

Unemployment to Reemployment Portal

About the Unemployment to Reemployment Portal

States in the Midwest Collaborative are working across state borders to create real-time labor market information that is critical for local pandemic response. This interactive tool draws in the latest de-identified Unemployment Insurance claims data, processed through the secure ADRF environment. Through the portal visualizations, state staff can:

  • Easily identify which local labor markets and categories of workers are being hardest hit by the pandemic.
  • Estimate the economic impacts of job loss.
  • Describe the demographic, education, industry, and occupational characteristics of Unemployment Insurance claimants.

Unemployment Insurance Claims Dashboard

To learn more about the Unemployment to Reemployment Portal, view this presentation on the uses of the portal with Dr. George Putnam, Labor Market Information Director for the State of Illinois, and Diana Barrett, Assistant Director of Research and Analysis for the State of Indiana.