Coleridge Initiative

Researcher Guide


Welcome to your research project in the ADRF. This page provides the information and links to resources that you are likely to need in order to conduct research in the ADRF.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for, or just have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Account registration

Before you can get started, please make sure you have an ADRF account. If you are part of a training program, we will create this account on your behalf and email your account credentials before the program starts. Otherwise, please visit, click the Register button, and fill out and submit the form. We will review your information and send you account credentials.

Discovering datasets

All ADRF datasets can be found the Data Explorer inside the Data Stewardship application ( Once logged in, click the Explorer option in the left sidebar. You can find more information on using the Explorer in our documentation found here.

Requesting a project

From within the Data Stewardship application, you can see what projects you are a member of or request a new project in the Projects section, which is linked in the left sidebar. Detailed information on requesting a project can be found in our documentation here.

Using the workspace

Once you are on an approved research project, you will have access to a project workspace that contains analytical tools and datasets. In a web browser, navigate to Sign in with your credentials and you will see a list containing projects with which you are associated. Click a project to launch a remote desktop environment.

More information can be found in our documentation on navigating the workspace and using the software in the ADRF. A set of introductory videos for using the ADRF can be accessed through this link.

Requesting help

If you have issues with file permissions or changing your password, please consult our FAQ.

For any other questions, concerns, or requests, such as software or package requests, increasing computing resources, or help accessing data, please send us a message at [email protected].

Exporting data

When you’ve reached the point in your project where you are ready to bring your results outside of the ADRF, you must submit an export request. As you know, it is important that all data exports are disclosure reviewed. Please read our documentation on Exporting Results, which contain Export Guidelines and instructions on how to submit an export request.

A completed version of this memo must accompany each export request. The memo is available in the shared folder of each project workspace inside the ADRF.

Providing feedback

We’d love to hear any feedback that you have for us. You can provide feedback by using the Feedback link in the left sidebar of the Data Stewardship app, or simply email us at [email protected].