Coleridge Initiative


The Why

This is what the training program can do for you…

Immerse yourself in a remote lab environment where you will learn the skills needed to link and analyze data.

Make better decisions – influence policy-making: include, or link to page of, real-life examples of policies that were positively impacted by skills learned at Coleridge training programs.


The Applied Data Analytics programs are targeted at government agency staff and public policy analysts. Over 500 people from over 100 agencies have been trained over the past three years. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Customized Curriculum

The Applied Data Analytics curriculum, developed in conjunction with federal, state and local agencies, trains government employees and public policy analysts on how to link and analyze data so they can tackle important policy problems. The project-focused approach teaches how to apply modern computational and data analysis methods and tools to actual confidential data. Much of the hands-on learning involves working on pre-defined projects that are built around pre-built Jupyter notebooks which provide project “recipes” that can be customized for specific use cases as well as applied to later projects in participants’ agencies.

The class is taught using the second edition of the textbook Big Data and Social Science: A Practical Guide to Methods and Tools, edited by several Coleridge Initiative directors. To learn more about the vision behind our training programs, check out the Harvard Data Science Review article Change Through Data: A Data Analytics Training Program for Government Employees.

What You Will Learn

Training programs will teach you how to use the programs, languages and software needed to link and analyze data…