Coleridge Initiative

Featured Projects

Over 500 people, most from federal, state and local government, have participated in the Applied Data Analytics training programs, leading to an extensive array of practical data science results for government. Key projects have demonstrated that the data analytics platform can be used to answer in-demand questions such as:


  • Which interventions reduce technical violations and improve outcomes for ex-offenders?

  • How does the employment participation of the formerly incarcerated populations in Illinois vary?

  • How can I predict and prevent recidivism of mothers in the Illinois Criminal Justice System?

State Talent Retention

  • How many higher education graduates in in-demand fields does my state lose to the region?

  • How do earnings outcomes of FAFSA completers among my state’s post-secondary graduates compare to non-FAFSA completers?


  • What characteristics increase an individual’s likelihood of returning to TANF?

  • What are the barriers to success in the labor market for individuals enrolled in the TANF programs?

  • What household characteristics are the best predictors of the differences between WIC and WIC-eligible households?

  • What factors increase an individual’s likelihood of not finding stable employment after leaving TANF? Of not finding employment at all?
Addressing Recidivism: Technical Violations
Mommy Don't Go: Recidivism of Mothers
From Prosecuted to Job Recruited