conference presentations

Australian Social Policy Conference

September 9-11, 2019
- Sydney, Australia

The ASPC will address the most pressing challenges facing Australian policy makers, practitioners and researchers at this key juncture. It will provide a forum for leading national and international researchers and analysts from government and community social welfare sectors in Australia and internationally to present their research findings and debate their implications.


Le projet HELIOS : évaluer l’impact du financement des projets de recherche sur le cancer

December 17, 2018
- Paris, France

L’évaluation de ses actions est une mission de l’Institut national du cancer. Mené en collaboration avec l’ITMO Cancer, le projet HELIOS (Health Investment Observatory) vise à développer une approche innovante pour évaluer l’impact du financement des projets de recherche sur le cancer.


past events

Making big data work for society

June 20, 2018

The data revolution is transforming businesses but how can it work more effectively for Governments and public organisations? Why the public sector behind the private in the way that it utilises data and how can that be changed? These are questions that Professor Julia Lane from NYU Wagner is tackling in her work.

Data Transparency 2018

October 10, 2018
- Washington, DC

Our government and society are beginning to embrace data formats that equip insight-driven decisions and reduce compliance burdens. Policy reforms, new nonproprietary standards like the Legal Entity Identifier, and technological breakthroughs are coming together to deliver data directly to users. DT2018 was the Data Foundation’s flagship event.

Advancing Financial Inclusion using Big Data

October 10, 2018
- New York, NY

"Big data" and related analysis through AI are changing how projects of all kinds are driven forward. The impact capital/financial inclusion/economic policy sectors have made inroads using these techniques, including loan underwriting, constituent/customer acquisition and macro-economic forecasting, however the full potential of big data-driven initiatives remains largely untapped.

The right services for the right people at the right time: A national case study in successful integrated government data with Sir Bill English, former Prime Minister of New Zealand

October 24, 2018
- New York, NY

You are invited to a special data event we are convening at NYU's Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service on October 24, 2018 with Sir Bill English, the former Prime Minister of New Zealand. English was responsible for implementing the integrated data system (IDI) in New Zealand. Now agencies are using it across the board to implement evidence-based social investment decisions.


Keynote and plenary sessions by Julia Lane and Frauke Kreuter

Full Program

October 25-27, 2018
- Barcelona, Spain

BigSurv18 will bring together international researchers, practitioners, and experts to address how promising technologies and methodologies for using massive datasets can improve, supplement, or replace data and estimates from complex surveys and censuses.

Open Data Science Conference West

Making Data Great Again - Julia Lane

Full Abstract

November 3, 2018
- San Francisco, CA

The advent of big data means that the time has come for change in the way in which we collect and use data on human beings. However, that change needs to be effected in a thoughtful, careful way so that we don’t jump out of the frying pan into the fire.

Evidence for Action: Encouraging Innovation and Improvement (APPAM Annual Conference)

Promoting Program Improvement through TANF Data Innovation

Full Abstract

November 8, 2018
- Washington, DC

This panel introduces the TANF Data Innovations (TDI) project, a new collaboration between the Federal government, research contractors, universities, and states to improve data use in TANF and related human services. TDI will support states’ data integration and analysis efforts, advancing the use of evidence to improve the lives of low-income families. The President’s 2018 budget highlights TDI as an example of new initiatives using administrative data to accelerate evidence building and program improvement.

Government Innovation Awards

November 8, 2018
- McLean, VA

A celebration of government IT’s disruptors, innovators and emerging leaders Presented by FCW, GCN, Washington Technology and Defense Systems

AWS: re:Invent

WPS204 - Building a Governance, Risk, and Compliance Strategy with AWS
November 28, 5:30 PM - 6:30 PM, 2018
- Las Vegas, NV

In this session, learn how Dr. Julia Lane, Director of the Administrative Data Research Facility (ADRF) at NYU, used AWS and AWS Public Sector Partner Earthling Security to build a software-as-a-service (SaaS) research and analysis environment that hosts sensitive U.S. Census Bureau data.