03 Mar 2021

National Convening: Jobs Data for Evidence-Based Policy

Join leaders from across the country, representing state and federal governments, as well as philanthropic foundations and professional associations, for a dynamic two-day workshop celebrating success and mapping a strategy to grow data access, stewardship, and analysis for evidence-based policymaking.

The convening will highlight the demonstrated success of a collaboration of state workforce agencies and universities across the country, as well as tangible evidence about the value of state and federal data, and build sustainable state data infrastructure through partnerships and national support.

The current COVID-19 outbreak and the resulting employment crisis have made it clear: state and local data are key to understanding and responding to local social and economic challenges.

While state data systems end at state borders, there is massive potential to develop the cross-state infrastructure needed to collect, mine and use administrative data; share evidence-based practices; and establish common measures and research tools.

  • LEARN how states have worked together to develop regional collaboratives around a framework of training, shared products, data standards and governance.
  • SHARE your expertise and insights to the development of a national agenda and a sustainable, locally driven, national data infrastructure.
  • GROW the community of data-oriented, evidence-based policymakers and program administrators.
  • ACCELERATE data-driven research and policies supporting program management, policy development, and scholarly research.