22 Jan 2024

Complex Data Systems and Analytical Approaches: Facilitating Evidence-Based Decision-Making

Join Coleridge Initiative VP of Product and Development, Nathan Barrett, Senior Manager of Training and Data Analytics, Benjamin Feder, and Senior Research Scientist, Corey Sparks to discuss the complex data systems and analytical approaches required to facilitate evidence-based decision-making. 12: 00 PM - 1:00 PM (EST)

Today’s policy questions require increasingly complex data systems and analytic approaches to facilitate evidence-based decision-making. The Coleridge Initiative’s Applied Data Analytics (ADA) training programs are centered around these questions and designed to both build new data infrastructure and the analytic capacity of agency staff. Coleridge's full training program topics are collaboratively developed with partner states and the curriculum is designed to demonstrate concepts through a project-based learning approach. By working hands-on with micro-level data, participants can explore the art of the possible by developing, interpreting, and communicating value-based outcomes. Coleridge is also excited to announce our short course series which takes a deeper dive into core data analytic concepts through the use of micro-level data. In this webinar session, we will provide an overview of our ADA programs, products and insights developed through the training, and an outlook on innovations that can be achieved through our programs.


Nathan Barrett, Ph.D.
Vice President of Product and Development
Benjamin Feder
Senior Manager of Training and Data Analytics
Corey Sparks, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist