short course series in data visualization and analytics

Short Course Series in Data Visualization and Analytics

The Coleridge Initiative is introducing a short course program designed to build analytic capacity among academic, state, federal, and policy-focused researchers. The program will offer different course topics with modules enhancing data literacy and technical skills through rigorous and modern methods of analysis.

Each short course will focus on a specific topic that will be presented through a series of three levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced. Classes will begin on March 1st, 2024 via Zoom. Tuition for this course is $1,000. Please be advised that we have limited seats available. Selected participants will be notified via email and remaining applicants will be placed on a waitlist. 

What is covered in this course?

The first course in the series of three courses focuses on Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) and data visualization. The course is an introduction to applied data analysis and data visualization using the R programming language. Topics include the use of the tidyverse suite of packages for data access, manipulation, and summarization as well as coverage of data visualization using the ggplot2 and plotly packages. 

What will you get from this course?

Upon completion of this short course, participants will have introductory exposure to tools that are applicable to a wide variety of research settings and that will prepare them for more advanced coursework in applied data analytics.

Who should apply?

These courses are useful for people interested in learning how to use R for applied data analysis. Government employees, researchers, and graduate students are encouraged to apply, and partial subsidies are available for state and local government staff and currently enrolled students. 

Course Pedagogy

To accomplish this, we are offering a unique opportunity - particularly for government staff at all levels - to develop skills in modern data science tools through a focused curriculum that provides hands-on experience with micro-level data hosted in the Administrative Data Research Facility, Coleridge Initiative's secure cloud-based computing platform.

Courses will be taught remotely using Zoom, and will meet 1 day a week, for 2 hours, for four weeks. Practical assignments will be given to participants to practice the materials from the course. Weekly office hours will be conducted to answer questions on course content.

Intermediate and Advanced Courses

The second and third courses in this series will feature more advanced content. The second course, Fundamentals of R Programming, will provide participants with fundamental knowledge of the R programming language for working with multiple types of data, reproducible research, data manipulation and reporting. The third course, Advanced Data Visualization, will provide participants with advanced tools for creation of data visualizations using the R programming language.


Corey Sparks, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist