17 Jul 2024

State IMPACT Collaborative Informational Webinar

Join the Coleridge Initiative and MDRC for this informational webinar to learn more about the new State IMPACT Collaborative and how to submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) to participate in the program.

MDRC and the Coleridge Initiative are excited to announce an opportunity for state agencies to conduct a rigorous evaluation of a program or policy modification using their administrative data.

We are looking to collaborate with state agencies interested in testing variations in program services such as enhancing a program by adding a new component or enhancing existing services. Tests must be programmatically feasible within a short time frame and have readily available data for measuring outcomes. State agencies will be expected to test variations in economic mobility program services. Proposed tests must target systems, operations, or policies in one of the following domains: workforce development, higher education, income support, housing, and justice programs.

This opportunity includes direct funding as well as technical assistance. We are prepared to work with state agency teams across a range of levels of knowledge, skills, and competencies. Some state agency teams may have internal staff capacity to do much of the required data work on their own. Other state agency teams may need more hands-on teaching to complete the data analytics work.

Regardless of the state agency’s evaluation and data analytics capacity, we welcome you to apply by August 7th.


Jessica Cunningham, Ph.D.
Vice President of State Programs
Richard Hendra
Director, MDRC Center for Data Insights
Melissa Wavelet
Senior Fellow, MDRC Postsecondary Education