04 Jan 2024

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Unleashing 'Evidence 2.0'

Commentary | The power of data linkages in evidence-based policymaking

Evidence-based policymaking thought leaders Nick Hart and Jason Saul recently heralded a new phase in the drive for evidence-based policymaking.  “Evidence 1.0 is great: we’ve generated a wealth of better knowledge, and that is fantastic. But the real point is to make all that knowledge accessible and usable.” Evidence 2.0, they said, is all about the data. 

Actually, I think it’s all about turning data into actionable insights.

While current evidence building efforts are generating a lot of information, we may be missing genuine insights that are right under our noses. In our experience at the Coleridge Initiative, you need to connect disparate data points to derive actionable insights. It's about recognizing and tapping into the immense potential inherent in data linkages. The true essence lies not just in the data itself, but in the art of connecting, itself. Imagine having multiple pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, each held by different individuals in separate rooms. 

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